Norwich Gaming Festival Pub Quiz 2018 > Epic Studios Norwich > 2nd June 2018

Words: Dan Nash

The Norwich Gaming Festival came to a close at Epic Studios with a jam packed room full of eager teams competing in a pub quiz challenge and a selection of gaming-related prizes up for grabs. Teams of varying sizes created a fun yet competitive atmosphere, egged on by friendly hosts armed with plenty of gaming facts to follow up each round's questions.

Though a degree of obscure gaming knowledge was necessary to avoid being stumped by some of the harder questions, it was clear that everyone taking part was having a good time, including the hosts and even Epic staff! The quiz ended in dramatic fashion when two teams ended up sharing the highest score and a tiebreaker was needed to separate them. Bragging rights were suddenly on the line in addition to the grand prize. In the end though, it looked like everyone was a winner when it was clear that the 200+ in attendance had enjoyed the night's festivities in a fitting conclusion to the week long festivities.

Pics: Lee Harper